Dog Behaviour and Training

Dog Behaviour Specialist
Solutions to all types of dog behaviour problems from puppies to adult dogs.
Understand how dogs learn, why they do what they do and what to do when your dog’s behaviour problem needs a solution.

Master Dog Trainer

Sue Gilmore owns Essex Dog Academy, which was established in 2008. Many of the puppies registered during the first year are still attending our training classes and enjoy the calm, friendly atmosphere whilst having fun and spending personal time with their owners.

Employee Training Courses

Kennel staff, dog groomers, dog walkers and staff working or caring for dogs benefit by having a basic knowledge of dog behaviour, an understanding of their body language and how to stay safe when handling dogs on a day to day basis. The key is knowledge and education, which these courses offer.

Why choose me?
I have successfully trained hundreds of dogs and given their owners the confidence required to enjoy a happy, rewarding relationship. I offer a comprehensive range of services to suit the needs of dog owners. Recommended by satisfied clients, vets, kennels, dog groomers and dog walkers. Professionally qualified as a dog behaviour expert and master dog trainer. Sue Gilmore is a Fellow of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association of Great Britain (CFBA) and as such, veterinarians can instruct a client to contact Sue to deal with dog behaviour problems. Most pet insurance companies recognise the CFBA  as being the leading organisation that covers behaviour problems and meets their criteria for competence and excellence. Check your pet insurance policy to see if the cost of behavioural remedial treatment is covered.