Attention Seeking – Are You The Problem?

Attention Seeking – Are You The Problem? There is an argument that dogs suffering from separation anxiety are blameless and that we, the owners, are the cause of the problem. It is a valid proposal: the problem is complex, but in my experience when dealing with dogs and their owners over many years, I have […]

Communicating with our Dogs – Keep It Simple!

  Our communication skills are influenced by our upbringing and interactions with parents, family, friends and work colleagues. Our characters are shaped and developed to enable us to be part of human society. Subliminally, we communicate using facial expressions, gestures and verbal sounds (not necessarily words), so that our body language betrays our feelings without […]

Arriving Home

  When any member of the family arrives home the family pet dog generally likes to greet them and then joins in the pleasure and excitement of seeing each other. Boisterous behaviour can have an added aspect. The dog is effectively welcoming the family member back into its home, after all, she was left in […]