Dog Articles

Dog Behaviour in Britain Today

Many skilled behaviour practitioners became aware that people with spurious academic qualifications in biology, zoology and other non- related disciplines were entering the market by taking one-year part time study courses in general pet care. They then presented a degree qualification to ply for trade, even though the majority…Read more

Dominance - Bill the Chocolate Labrador

The mere mention of the word “walk” fires Bill into behaviour that would suggest he is high on a diet full of e-numbers. Clip the lead on and he’s out of the door almost before it has opened and Karen is propelled along the road at a speed nearer to a sprint than the intended pleasant walk…Read more

Play-biting Puppies

The warm, furry bundle of fluff that was brought home and given everything it was thought to need can grow into an exasperating monster, especially when he is the first dog the family has ever owned…Read more

Submissive Urination

The problem of submissive urination in dogs is not uncommon, particularly in puppies, re-homed, timid or over-sensitive dogs and it can last well into adulthood. It can be very frustrating and embarrassing for owners when their dog urinates all over the floor…Read more

Dominance and Aggression

Signs of protective, possessive behaviour began to appear when Alfie was settled on the bed and Sue told him to get off. No response, apart from a deep growl and baring his teeth…Read more

Dehydration in Dogs

One of the main causes of dehydration is feeding dogs kibble food – most popular brands are kibble sprayed with oils etc., to make them smell appealing to dogs. Here’s a test you can try…Read more

Dogs in Cars

Laws have been enacted to safeguard children when travelling in cars, however, no such provision is made for dogs, so here are a few suggestions that may just make your dog’s – and your – journey a little happier and safer….Read more

Does Good Behaviour Depend on Good Dog Food?

I have come across a black Labrador who ate a Bakewell tart and a loaf of bread complete with packaging in the time that it took the owner to unload shopping from his car…Read more

Inter-pack Aggression

Enter Lola. Everything changed. Maggie’s attention was diluted to at best half of what it had been for years and every whimper, toilet accident or demand for attention resulted in Maggie being the attentive new puppy owner…Read more

Scavenging and Stealing Food

On several occasions Comfort has caused Jane great concern after having eaten something she shouldn’t and been rushed to her very caring and understanding vet…Read more

Teaching Rules and Boundaries

Approaching dogs had always been a real problem for John and Mary, because Harvey would bark, snarl and try to attack any dog of any size. Despite momentarily slipping into aggressive mode when a dog came into view…Read more