Dog Behaviour

Sue Gilmore MA FCFBA

Pet Insurance

Most pet insurance companies recognise the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association of Great Britain (CFBA) as being the leading organisation that covers behaviour problems and meets their criteria for competence and excellence.

Sue Gilmore is a Fellow of the CFBA and as such, veterinarians can instruct a client to contact Sue to deal with dog behaviour problems. The vet will provide the client with a referral letter or completed and stamped referral form that can be downloaded from the CFBA website: or please ask Sue for a copy.

Pet insurance does not cover dog training.

It is recommended that you contact your pet insurance company in advance of booking a consultation to check the details of cover or speak to Sue and mention that you wish to use your pet insurance. A vet referral is necessary, usually in writing or a brief call to the surgery is all that is required to ascertain if your case falls within the policy conditions and cover offered.

You and your vet will subsequently receive a copy of the written report for their perusal, which will then be submitted with a claim form to the insurer. In some cases a medical examination of the dog relevant to the behaviour presented may be required prior to the behaviour consultation taking place.

Consultation fees are payable at the appointment. Generally, only one visit is necessary due to the success of the consultation process. A telephone follow-up support service is included in the event that clients have any queries. Many dogs who present with behavioural problems are successfully rehabilitated into classes at Essex Dog Academy.