Dog Training

Sue Gilmore is a Master Dog Trainer. Sue is an expert in dog behaviour, psychology and training, so you can be sure that you and your dog will have fun in a relaxed atmosphere, whilst learning new skills and techniques that build a relationship that will last a lifetime.

1-2-1 Personal Training in your own home or local venue
Our very popular and rewarding 1-2-1 sessions provide the opportunity to improve your personal handling skills and to consolidate the relationship between you and your dog. Together, we can work on specific aspects of training, such as obedience or recall, that will enable you both to progress towards a high level of competence, which is both fulfilling and enjoyable. These sessions are for handlers of all levels, including beginners and puppies. Enjoy great success with this intensive training; those who regularly work with me on a personal basis progress faster towards their goal of enhanced dog handling skills. Why not book a session in the comfort of your own home or at an agreed venue and enjoy the difference in your dog’s response?

Classes at Woodham Mortimer Village Hall CM9 6SX – between Danbury and Maldon – on Thursday evenings and at Maldon on Saturday mornings

Obedience dog training and junior activity classes have developed to fit the needs of dogs and owners who highly recommend Essex Dog Academy. With Sue’s vast experience of dog behaviour, dogs of all temperaments are welcome. Some may need personal training sessions before entering classes, but being socialised under the care of an expert offers the opportunity to owners to become confident dog handlers and enjoy the experience of owning a happy, relaxed and responsive dog, which may not be offered by other dog training clubs.

Puppy/Junior Activity Course 

Aimed at puppies and junior dogs continuing obedience training whilst having fun! Mini jumps, tunnel, weaving and other activities to encourage an immediate and enthusiastic response to the handler every time. This is a six week course, limited to 8 places. I believe that with smaller classes you will receive higher quality training with personal attention. Dogs love playing, so why not train them and have fun too?

Obedience with Activities 
Dog training at Essex Dog Academy is a very sociable and enjoyable experience; time when dog and handler work together to achieve a higher standard of competence in skills. Consistent, steady progress is a reward for regular training sessions that will consolidate the relationship between you and your dog. We welcome all standards of handlers and dogs who wish to improve their skills in a friendly atmosphere.

Having fun with your dog whilst teaching him basic through to advanced skills is a popular feature of our training structure. New confidence is built between dog and handler when using equipment, such as tunnels, cones, mini-jumps, etc. By accomplishing tasks designed to stimulate your dog you will find that training skills are achieved so much quicker and the bond between handler and dog grows week by week.

Contact Sue now to join the right class for your dog and find solutions to your training problems: