Dog Behaviour

Sue Gilmore MA FCFBA


When any member of the family arrives home the family pet dog generally likes to greet them and then joins in the pleasure and excitement of seeing each other. Boisterous behaviour can have an added aspect. The dog is effectively welcoming the family member back into its home, after all, she was left in charge of the home when her human family left her alone.

To stop boisterous welcomes, when you arrive home verbally say “hello” to the dog, just to acknowledge her, then take your coat off, put the shopping away and settle yourself before attending to the dog. This may take a few minutes, but ideally she should wait patiently for your attention, respecting your position as being a higher ranking member of the family. Allowing a dog to jump up is disrespectful and enables her to reassert herself.

Seeing our dogs on our return home is one of the great pleasures of owning a dog, so remain calm and enjoy a respectful, happy reunion. Visitors will appreciate you having trained your dog to be respectful of them too, especially when they arrive wearing their best clothes!

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