Dog Behaviour

Sue Gilmore MA FCFBA

The Missing Links – Respect, Leadership, Communication

Q            I give my dog everything she needs: love, care, the best food, exercise – she lacks for nothing, yet I feel there’s a missing link. It’s as if she decides not to hear what I tell her and she sometimes chews things like my shoes or chair legs! I just don’t know what more […]

Attention Seeking – Are You The Problem?

Attention Seeking – Are You The Problem? There is an argument that dogs suffering from separation anxiety are blameless and that we, the owners, are the cause of the problem. It is a valid proposal: the problem is complex, but in my experience when dealing with dogs and their owners over many years, I have […]

Arriving Home

  When any member of the family arrives home the family pet dog generally likes to greet them and then joins in the pleasure and excitement of seeing each other. Boisterous behaviour can have an added aspect. The dog is effectively welcoming the family member back into its home, after all, she was left in […]